Mission Statement

SAPDO was established to encourage and to promote the sport of professional darts in South Africa. To provide additional opportunities for dart players, male and female to grow from the amateur and grassroots levels to playing darts in a professional environment  and earning a living from their sport such as the professionals in the global arena.  SAPDO aims at uplifting the sport of darts, people and communities as the sport is currently an amateur sport and mainly played at the grassroots level.  

Goals and Objectives

SAPDO aims to create a professional dart organisation that will sustain itself via membership, organisational rights, funding and sponsorships. We envisage that in the next five years that SAPDO will have the top dart players in South Africa playing in a professional environment and sustaining their own existence via their sport of choice. Further opportunities will be granted to top ranked players to attend the World Professional Championships in England. Longer term goals will be to take the professional sport of darts to every community of South Africa and eventually to the rest of Africa therefore empowering a wider audience to make a living from their sporting talent.