SAPDO would like to thank all our partners for contributing to the sport of professional darts in South Africa. Your sponsorship, inputs, assistance and most of all your dedication has got us off the ground. We have three categories highlighting contributions to SAPDO.


These categories are Major Partners, Official Partners and Other Partners. SAPDO board and management are continuously forming new partnerships or negotiating better deals for our organisation.

Our major partners are currently: Unicorn Darts, Mycoza, Leisure Group Hotels, and Groote Schuur Sports and Recreation.



Major Partners


This category recognises major contributions made with regard to sponsorship that enables SAPDO to consistently improve and grow as an organisation.







Unicorn has come to our aid by sponsoring our most valuable asset which is dartboards and surrounds. They have made it possible for us to supply all regions across South Africa with dartboards; ensuring that players are always playing on the best equipment on the market today via their South African supplier Opal Sports.


Unicorn darts has teamed up with SAPDO in the interest of promoting the sport of professionally in South Africa. SAPDO would like to thank Unicorn and especially Mr. Edward Lowy for his confidence and faith shown in our organisation. SAPDO know that with Unicorn supporting SAPDO and vice versa we have already started making the Unicorn brand synonymous with the SAPDO brand. We envisage a long term relationship.


Unicorn has enabled SAPDO to supply all the leagues with new Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Boards and the Professional Dart Board Surrounds across the country.

Below are links highlighting the history behind the Unicorn brand and products.


You can follow South Africa's and Africa's professional superstar Devon "The Spartan" Petersen under Team Unicorn. Devon is one of the Contenders at Team Unicorn and has a bright darting future.


Unicorn Homepage


Unicorn's History


Unicorn Products


Team Unicorn


Mr. Athan Al Malambo and his team at have been instrumental in developing and making SAPDO’s website one of the most unique sporting websites around today. The support and advice from Athan has been invaluable and SAPDO thanks him for his support in our vision in making Professional Darts accessible to all; creating opportunities for careers and employment in the sport.


The World Player database is open for all dart players whether professional, amateur or social. The concept behind this is to have players from all around the world get to know more about each other. This new initiative will allow players to meet each other while travelling, share stories, pictures, and make the darting world a truly global sport via media networks. Organisations from the different spheres can now contact each other and arrange tournaments to promote the sport worldwide. SAPDO is positive that this type of initiative will surely contribute in getting darts to the Olympics faster.


To read more about follow the link below:



Leisure Hotel Group


The Leisure Hotel Group has been spearheading development of sport in the Western Cape by supporting organisations like SAPDO. Mr. Sedick Adams from the Leisure group has been instrumental in this partnership.


The Leisure Group is currently SAPDO’s official partner for hosting our major competitions and premier league. We have successfully completed our first Leisure Group Darts Premier League at the Strand Towers Hotel in Cape Town. The PDC SA Masters was contested at the Lady Hamilton Hotel on the 13th and 14th October 2012. The eventual champion, the 22 year old Charl “The Warrior” Petersen, reigning supreme and earning a well deserved place in the PDC World Championships in December 2012.


SAPDO is in the process of securing venues across the country on the same basis for all the leagues and competitions.


To read more about Leisure Group Hotels follow the link below:



Groote Schuur Sports and Recreation  


Mr. Llewellyn Terblanch and his executive team have been phenomenal in their support of professional darts. Their understanding of SAPDO’s vision and creating opportunities for indigent communities, talented South African dart players, and the growth of the professional darts has been amazing. SAPDO’s Division 1 and 2 is played from the sports centre at Groote Schuur, Cape Town. The latter divisions are the breeding ground for our Premier League and future stars within SAPDO. Our first leagues have been completed in Cape Town and the two top contenders have moved onto the Premier League and we expect increased levels of competition