Official Partners


The following organisations and/or individuals have partnered with SAPDO to provide services, skills and professional support in the required areas.



Greater Computer Solutions (GCS)


Bevan Wilson, partner at GCS, has been responsible for our accounting package, ensuring that we are financially compliant with the best software available for our needs. Bevan advises and guides our accounting team as to the best use of the financial products. We are appreciative of our partnership and value his professional input in making SAPDO a well-rounded professional organisation.



Photography with Carmen


Carmen Wilson is a professional photographer and has partnered with SAPDO for all our major events. It is clear that her work speaks for itself and we are sure that we will have a long-standing relationship. We thank Carmen for her dedication in ensuring that our pictures are of the highest digital quality.



Nathan Osbourne (Sound and Effects Engineer)


Nathan is a man of many talents; and one of them being that he is one of the top young DJ’s in the Western Cape and surrounding areas. Nathan is responsible for our sound, effects and walk-on music at our major events. What a fantastic display he put on at our launch ensuring that the entertainment element lifted our event to newer and more exciting heights. We are sure to add that extra element required to lift spectators and players with Nathan on board.



Best of Order

We would like to thank John Steele (BOO) for sponsoring our Division 2 and other Divisions with some great prizes including boards and dart products. Division 2 was named the BOO league in 2012.



Chef Deon


Chef Deon has brought a culinary taste rivalled by few to SAPDO. He is a qualified chef with the skill that has inspired dart players to perform better after tasting his confectionery delights. His most popular dish is Sushi, which sells like hot cakes at events. SAPDO thank you for the quality and style you add to our partnership.