Other Partners


The following organisations and individuals have been valuable in assisting to get SAPDO launched by contributing their equipment, services, knowledge and/or skills.


SAPDO would not be what it is today without the contributions made at the working level. We are currently cash-strapped and are funding ourselves from board and management contributions, player funding, donations and, most importantly, the costs that are saved from working contributions as listed below.


We do foresee in the near future that SAPDO will employ people to perform these working functions. To everyone mentioned and those that we may have missed, thank you for being the machinery in the this fantastic sport we all love.




SAPDO would like to thank the PDC for donating their stands to our organisation. The stands were vital in getting our official launch underway on time. SAPDO thanks the PDC South African representative, Jon McGowan for his support.



PRADO (Pro-Am Darts)


South Africa’s first Pro-Am darts organisation where professionals and amateurs can compete and ensure that the next generation of potential top professionals can practice their sport. PRADO is where amateurs and professionals can compete on a platform where their talents and hard work can be moulded and improved. We expect this concept to spread across South Africa where there is no prejudice, just the grooming of new superstars in the professional sport. PRADO has stated, ” We are the breeding ground for future top professionals in the sport of darts.”



George Petersen


George is a supporter of SAPDO not only because his son, Devon “The Spartan” Petersen is South Africa’s first and only professional on the PDC circuit. He is dedicated to see top players earn what they deserve as he is completely aware of the sacrifices top players have to make to be the best in the sport. George has contributed his skill and knowledge in the upholstery field by covering the stands donated to SAPDO by the PDC. SAPDO thanks him for your effort and dedication into getting SAPDO to become a household brand in South Africa.



Peter Bowers


Peter can be seen at virtually each and every SAPDO event supporting professional darts. He currently plays and administrates in the amateur discipline yet he has a holistic view of the sport. He understands the need for both amateur and professional advancement to ensure the sport is introduced to a wider audience and to create opportunities for players. SAPDO would like to thank Peter for his support and for supplying score-sheets for our score-boards.



Cecil McCloen


Cecil has been player and administrator for many years. Cecil is always willing to help promote the sport or to render his professional services. When the PDC stands arrived Cecil volunteered his services to repair and replace missing parts. He is truly someone you can depend on and be sure he will produce a reliable product. SAPDO hereby thank you for your invaluable support and assistance.



John Amon


John has been a keen supporter of top darts for many years. He can always be spotted at dart venues where top darts is being played. John has always availed himself to assist in whatever shape or form. He has been instrumental in sourcing our sound technician, putting up and taking down of equipment, driving equipment to and from the venue and whatever else needs to be done. SAPDO is appreciative of his efforts and would like to thank him for being a pillar in our construction.



James Williams


James is an amateur player but has a great respect for the top dart players and the time they spend honing theie skills. James is an accountant and advises and guides SAPDO on key financial matters ensuring we stay on track with our goals and objectives. He is always willing to assist by collecting and organising to ensure event days run smoothly. SAPDO thanks him for his positive contribution thus far and we acknowledge his vital role.



Roger Bowers


Roger is one of the contenders in the SAPDO First division. He has volunteered his professional skills to assist SAPDO with designing our logo’s and business cards. We can all be proud of players that offer skills of this nature. SAPDO hereby thank you for your invaluable support and assistance.



Warrick Scheffer


Warrick has been a beam of light in setting up and assisting with the launch. He is a 20 year old youngster that has achieved more than many in the sport. He is one of the top players in the SAPDO Premier division. Warrick has shown what it takes to be a top professional by his continuous involvement in setting up of tournaments and events. SAPDO salutes you, Warrick and we know that your future in the professional sport is bright.



Russell Mains


Russell was instrumental in getting the stands and boards set-up for the all the leagues. He was always available and ready to get the equipment prepared for the start of all leagues. SAPDO acknowledges your hard work and input in getting our leagues up and running. 



Zerilda Visagie


Zerilda has always been available to help with work and support services rendered by SAPDO. SAPDO hereby acknowledges your input, Zerilda and thank you for your help and support.  



Jo-Ann Willoughby


Jo-Ann has always been available to help with work and support services rendered by SAPDO. SAPDO hereby acknowledges your input, Jo-Ann and thank you for your help and support.  



Clifford Stradling


Clifford has been one of the top players in the country for many years. He is always willing to assist in our services area; preparing the venue for competition nights and clean-up duty afterwards. SAPDO thanks him for his inputs and acknowledges his contribution to making professional darts a success.



Simon Arendse


Simon  has been involved in darts for many decades and currently administrates and plays in the amateur discipline. Simon understands the need for the sport to grow and expand in the professional sphere. SAPDO would like to thank him for his input into the research component of our data and his support towards professionals in South Africa.



Dennis Alexander


Dennis is one of the great examples that will take the professional sport to another level. He has always been available and helped setup equipment when it was needed. Dennis emanates the spirit of Dennis Priestly in the way he conducts himself in the darting environment and beyond. SAPDO acknowledges his input and professionalism which sets an example to all.



Earl Pentolfe


Earl is currently one of the top players in our premier league. Many nights Earl stayed behind to clear and clean the venue with board members finishing early hours of the morning. It is great to see that top players give their all during and after games and competitions. SAPDO acknowledges his input as it has made a difference.



Hayley-Anne Wright


Hayley is a keen supporter of SAPDO and has stayed behind on a few nights to clean and restore after an event; some ending at 3:00am. We appreciate her support and dedication. SAPDO acknowledge her input as it has made a difference.




Iona Beukes


Iona has been assisting with editing of website articles and involved with arranging TV coverage for SAPDO. You will see her at major events supporting our organisation. Iona partners SAPDO with our CSI initiatives which brings empowerment to our youth. A huge thank you from SAPDO and may our relationship continue forever.