Created on 17 March 2015

Kimberly Classics 2015




Kimberly Classic 2015

The start of the Kimberley National Classics this morning sees some of the top players in action at the Constance hall in Kimberley. These players include Nolan Arendse, Graham Filby, Gary Dowman the reigning champion, Clayton Septoe, Richard Oliver to name a few from Cape Town, From Kimberley we have locals Eddie Pillay, Howard Pillay, Ameen O' Connor. 


Herewith the draw for today 26th April'2015



Here is your last 16 winners of yesterday as they will start the quater finals today on stage at the Flamingo Casino in Kimberley in the Northern Cape.


Nolan Arendse VS Oscar Jacobus


Clint Prime VS Charl Pietersen


Clifford Stradling VS Charles Losper


Brent Robertson VS Graham Filby


The first quater final saw Nolan Arendse beating Oscar Jacobus 6 - 0. Charl Pietersen is currently leading Clint Prime by 4 legs to nil in the second quater final.