Created on 27 June 2016

SAPDO WC Classics 2016

25 & 26 June' 2016


The 2016 SAPDO WC Classics was recently held at the Grootte Schuur hall in Observatory in Cape Town from the 25th to 26th of June. The were well over 40 entrants in this tournament and made well worth it to play in this competition. This competition was also divided into four categories namely Ladies, Masters (over 50's), Pairs and the Main singles event.


The ladies were narrowed down to the finals after the round robin stages were completed and it was up to Jo-Anne Willoughby and Valerie Petersen who contested the ladies singles final. In the Masters semi final we had our own tournament director Lennie Thomas who came up against ex Western Province Captain Trevor Oliphant and John Petersen against Clifford (Mr Cool) Stradling.


The tournament overall was a huge success not only for SAPDO itself but also for the players that participated as we saw some new faces making it to the stage for the finals. Below is the results of the tournament at the end of the competition.


Ladies Final

J Willoughby (2) vs V Petersen (3)


Masters Semi Final

L Thomas (3) vs T Oliphant (4)

J Petersen (0) vs C Stradling (4)


Maters Final

T Oliphant (0) vs C Stradling (4)


Pairs Quater final

B Robertson & E Pentolfe (4) vs L Wentzel & C Liebenberg (1)

G Filby & F Du Preez (4) vs W Hendricks & A Mc Kenzie (0)

T May & V Smidt (1) vs C Losper & C Pietersen (4)

R Pierse & E Jassiem (0) vs W Scheffer & N Arendse (4)


Semi Final

B Robertson & E Pentolfe (4) vs G Filby & F Du Preez (2) - G Filby 2X180

C Losper & C Pietersen (4) vs W Scheffer & N Arendse (2)



B Robertson & E Pentolfe (3) vs C Losper & C Pietersen (4) - C Losper 1X180 & 170 H.C.O

This was a very tight match and got to the wire where the score was even at 3 apiece first to 4.  Pietersen left Losper on 170 to check out with robertson leaving Pentolfe on 79 and Losper to throw next. Losper went on closed out a superb 170 to take away the pairs finals from Pentolfe and Robertson in a remarkable fashion.


Singles Quater Final

B Robertson (3) vs C Stradling (6)

C Losper (2) vs G Filby (6)

T Hubbard (6) vs F Du Preez (5)

C Pietersen (3) vs E Pentolfe (6)


Singles Semi Final

C Stradling (7) vs G Filby (5) - C Stradling 1X180 & G Filby 2X180

T Hubbard (5) vs E Pentolfe (7) - T Hubbard 1X180


Single Finals

C Stradling (7) vs E Pentolfe (5)


Clifford Stradling winning a double