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SAPDO Leagues


SAPDO leagues were started in the Western Cape in 2012 to give players the opportunity to start playing professional darts. Due to the amount of entries we were obliged to play a qualifying tournament to ensure players were placed in the correct leagues. Three leagues were created namely the Premier League, Division 1 and Division 2. The two top players from Division 1 and Division 2 will receive promotion to the next division. The bottom two players from the Premier League and Division 1 would drop down to the lower division.


Gauteng recruited enough members during 2012 and they started their Premier League later in the year. We expect more members to be joining soon which will result in more divisions being formed in this region.


The Tournament Director has the right to change the format of the leagues or play, thereby ensuring that players achieve the highest standards possible. The current format has produced a huge increase in dart averages and player performances. Players coming through the ranks want to reach the Premier League status and Premier League players are playing for survival. The top players were forced to improve their game as everyone else rises to the occasion. The league format will not contribute to National Rankings but has a ranking system of it own.


There are great financial rewards for the first three positions in each league. This year payouts for league entrants will increase giving more incentive to players to perform at higher levels as the competition gets stronger every cycle. Players entering the league start in the lowest division and play their way to the Premier League. The Premier league players have been consistent from the top half of the league. The next few seasons will see the Premier having the strongest field of players since it started. 


Should a player be ranked on the PDC circuit and/or is the highest ranked professional player he/she may be allowed to start the league in the Premier division when joining at the discretion of the board and Tournament Director.